From Dr T. Marcinkowski Program Chair, Education and Interdisciplinary Studeis Program, Florida Tech

"I've known and respected Charlotte for a long time. She has worked long and hard to establish her credentials and her consulting business... and it's clear that she is well position to provide his quality services.

We approached her more than a year ago... while our son, Matt, was a junior in HS... seeking her guidance and support. In the first phase of her work with us, she listened to our criteria ... and we had only two:
(1) high quality programs in communications that included options in sports broadcasting and journalism, and
(2) colleges and universities on the Tuition Exchange.

She provided us with a list of about a dozen schools in three clusters... which she and we discussed with Matt. We visited a number of those schools in summer 2018, which helped us further prioritize them.

In the second phase, Charlotte worked closely with Matt on elements of his application, including his test scores, early applications, and essays. In the end, thanks to Charlotte, Matt wound up applying to eight schools... was accepted at all of them... and was offered Tuition Exchange support. Matt is very happy to be headed to his top choice, Syracuse's Newhouse School of Communications this Fall.

For those who seek strategic guidance and support of this kind, Charlotte can be as beneficial for you as she was for us."

From Grateful Student S. M. “Hi Dr. Klaar, I hope you are doing well! I had some exciting news to share with you and I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family! Even though I didn't know it at the time, choosing Syracuse University and being selected as a Coronat Scholar opened up so many doors to me. I am so grateful for your help and support in making those important decisions my senior year of high school. I cannot even believe that I am in my final months of college and will be graduating in just 9 week!"
5-Star Google Recommendation from S. Orciuch “Charlotte worked with both of my children through the college admission process. She helped each of them to figure out what they really wanted out of a college experience. My children loved working with her. Each of them had a successful experience at college that was a perfect fit for their educational and social/emotional requirements. It was an excellent experience and I highly recommend her services."
Proud parents of A.R., Boston University '21 “The college application process can be as confusing and daunting to the student as is it for the parents. From the first consultation, Ms. Klaar put all of us at ease. She dug in deep to help our son discover exactly what he wanted from his college experience and his career goals.
“She guided him in ways that we didn't even know existed that lead him to a 4 year FULL scholarship. Ms. Klaar works directly with the student so they take ownership of their journey. As parents we highly recommend the services of Klaar College Consulting.”
Proud parents of Lauren “Our daughter got into her #1 stretch college choice with the advice from Klaar College Consulting! They were honest in their assessment and provided actionable alternatives. Thanks again for a great job.”
From a fellow college consultant “If you live in the Charlotte area and are in need of an educational consultant, call my good friend, Charlotte Klaar. She is one of the top educational consultants in the country and will guide your student with a strong hand and a gentle heart!”
Jane F. "Klaar College Consulting is a must for that "one up" in preparing for college. I highly recommend their essay workshop as well! Words can't describe the passion and dedication Charlotte puts towards each and every student!"
Heather Jolly, Career Center Coordinator at Stonebridge H. S. in Loudoun County, VA "Charlotte was easy to work with and her philosophy was wonderfully in line with ours. She had great things to say about choosing the right fit and maximizing college visits. She said things that the college reps (and us) could not say without being rude, such as “Consider your child’s GPA and test scores before making a college visit so you don’t set them up for failure,” “Talk to your kids about your financial picture,” and “Every school is a good college for someone.” She is warm, funny and tells it like it is!"
From M., who attended Quinnipiac University in Connecticut "You are one of the friendliest people to work with and never gave less than 110% for me all of the time. Thanks for everything!! Quinnipiac, here I come!"
From LB in Boylston, MA "Thank you for your assistance back when we needed it most. I feel both of my sons benefited greatly from your wisdom, and I know that their mother survived the college application process with intact loving relationships because of your skills and commitments to these young men."
From Sylvia P. Israel, JD - Academic Dean, Loudoun School for the Gifted, VA "At the beginning of second semester, Dr. Charlotte Klaar joined the LSG family to provide academic and college guidance to our middle and high school students. Dr. Klaar's ability to help students and their families navigate the college search and application process provides peace of mind and promotes informed and strategic decision-making to create more options in the future. She helps students shape their summer experiences and develop a sense of self-awareness and self-confidence that allows them to reach their academic goals. Dr. Klaar is aware of the ever-changing college admission environment, and she is able to help students identify schools that will be the best fit for their personal and academic needs. Her insightful feedback and years of experience in the fields of academic and college admission counseling is an invaluable resource for students and families at Loudoun School for the Gifted."
From Susan Talbott - Executive Director, Loudoun School for the Gifted, VA "Mastery and expertise is always the goal when bringing a teacher or professional into our community here at Loudoun School for the Gifted. After researching and interviewing the top college consultants in the Washington DC area, we determined that Dr. Klaar has the right combination of experience, knowledge and commitment to individual students. She understands the importance of knowing each student and family well enough to create a college career path that is not cookie cutter, but rather serves the unique goals and strengths of each student. We are overwhelmed with the dedication she has shown in working with our community, as well as her expertise in the ever-changing world of college admissions."
From grateful student A. Nelson, MD "I didn’t know much about the college application process and was unsure where to start, so I turned to Klaar College Consulting for help. After speaking with Charlotte, I knew I wanted to work with her. She has been very supportive throughout the whole process. She helped me see what colleges were out there and guided me in the right direction. I couldn’t have done all the work without Charlotte’s help! I would have been lost without her guidance."
From a proud parent of J. Robins, MD "I have two older kids, so I’ve been through the college application process before, and it requires a lot of time and effort. Charlotte is working directly with Jacob so he owns the process. Working separately from us has taken a lot of pressure off him and has really helped him mature. It was helpful to work with someone who has such a wide range of knowledge and personal experience with many colleges. We have greatly benefited from Charlotte’s experience and time commitment. No stone was left unturned."
From the proud parents of Carolyn W., MD "Essays are not about facts and figures – they’re about the student. Charlotte helped Carolyn discover her inner passion which brought out her creativity and personality in her essay – a guidance counselor with 500 students wouldn’t have done that. Charlotte helped us understand what was important to highlight about our daughter's strengths and accomplishments in her college applications – and that’s what got her accepted!"
From the parents of A.C., Southborough, MA "...given the necessary guidance, he was able to show his talents and accomplishments in the best possible light. ... He feels very confident in his choice of schools. ... We are very grateful for all your help and support. We'll let you know when the next two kids are ready!"
From M., who attended Quinnipiac University, Connecticut "You are one of the friendliest people to work with and never gave less than 110% for me all of the time. Thanks for everything!! Quinnipiac, here I come!"
The parents of M.G. in MA wrote "Your ability to simplify the process as well as your talent to clearly understand [his] needs was most invaluable. ... He feels that he is a good fit with the size of the school and that it has a great deal to offer him. ... Thank you again for being such an important person in [his] young life and in two years [our daughter] will be ready for your wise counsel!"
P.M.'s mother in MA described herself as "a very pleased client" and wrote: "I'm not so sure he'd be at the college of his choice if it hadn't been for you. ... What a saint! Not only did you take [him] under your wing, you also made my life easier. ... He listened to you, respected what you told him, and got the job done. You have such a way with young adults."
From D.C., a MA student who attended the Massachusetts College of Art "Before I knew it I was putting my portfolio together. ... It would have been close to impossible to get where I am without you."
From the father of N.P. in Rockville, MD "The resources that you had at your disposal were amazing. ... All I had to do was mention a particular school and you could provide some insight. ... I would be happy to recommend your services to any of our friends.”
From Margaret McNally, McNally College Consulting "When I asked Charlotte to be my mentor, I was just starting out as an independent educational consultant. I was nervous, especially about the business side of being a college consultant. Charlotte was reassuring – and so much more. She generously shared her deep knowledge of the college admissions process and her understanding of the business side of being an independent consultant. She was generous with her time and with her intellectual property. But even more than this, I think Charlotte had me summed up from the beginning. She intuited that I needed to develop confidence in my new business, and every phone call we had, and every email, was premised along these lines. And it was fun! She set the standard for me for what it means to give a hand up to a new consultant. Yours is the gift that keeps giving in that now when people ask for my help, I know what true professional generosity looks like.."