Why you should stick to an early decision agreement

If you’ve been accepted by a college through its Early Decision (ED) plan you may consider yourself fortunate, as you should.  You’ve applied to a school that’s at or near the top of your target list because the likelihood of acceptance for ED applicants is higher than the overall rate for the college. You’ve been […]

Waitlisted? Here’s how to handle that

Waiting for something that you intensely want and then being disappointed, is an experience that people would prefer to avoid. So why would a student set himself or herself up for disappointment by accepting a college’s offer to be waitlisted knowing that the odds of being admitted are often slim? The reason is that they’ll […]

College Simplified Summer Camps!

Does Your Student Procrastinate? Are You Concerned about their ability to get applications completed and essays written? Application errors may result in a rejection, and many students DO make mistakes!  Have your student attend the College Simplified Summer Camps June 16 – 18, taught by Charlotte Klaar, PhD, one of the nation’s top Certified Educational […]

Make Your College Visits Count!

There’s no substitute for being there.  Well-planned college visits will reveal more useful information than its website, course catalog, statistical profile, and magazine rankings all put together. College Visits Before and After  There are two stages in your college admissions campaign when you should do your college visits. The first  is when you create  your […]

Developing YOUR Best College List

The College List is an indispensable tool for success in college admissions. This is the set of target colleges that are exceptionally well suited to you as an individual and to which you’ll apply in senior year. A key consideration in developing your College List is the number of schools that should be on the final version. […]

Choose Your Career Before You Choose Your College?

College is a way to prepare for the rest of your life. As a high school student beginning to consider colleges, you’ll be asked, “What do you want to major in? What career are you interested in?” These questions put the cart before the horse. It’s best to know what career you wish to pursue […]

Our Thanks to all Service Men & Women This Veteran’s Day

On Monday, Nov. 11, we’ll take time to thank all of our veterans for their service. But we’ll do more than thank them – we are offering a 15% discount on all of our college consulting services to any active duty or retired military personnel! This offer is valid through November 30, 2019.

Why Community College May be Right for You

The traditional image of the college experience features freshmen showing up for orientation in August and that same group of students graduating together four years later. Most students would prefer to do college this way because of the simplicity of remaining in one school and the comfort of sharing the adventure with the same set […]

SAT or ACT: Which is Best for You?

For several decades, taking the SAT or ACT exam has been a rite of passage for college-bound high school students. As a student, you understand the need to perform well on the exams because your score is among the factors that determine whether you’ll be admitted to the colleges of your choice. Your scores, along […]

Every Year of H.S. Matters in College Admissions!

Most experts consider junior year to be the most consequential in college admissions, and this may well be true. But senior year is nearly as important since it’s the year that you finalize and submit your applications. In both years, you face many choices that have ramifications beyond college and into your career. It’s not […]

Benefits of Hiring an Independent Educational Consultant

Navigating the high seas of college admissions can be intimidating and stressful for busy families. Because it can overwhelm, many students don’t fully explore their options, an approach that often culminates in attending a college that isn’t right for them. Finding and being  accepted by a college that is right can be the difference between […]

Independent Educational Consultants Should be Licensed

No segment of our society is more appalled by the damage done to the reputation of the college admissions consulting field by recent scandals than those of us who have dedicated our professional lives to it. Independent Educational Consultants (IEC’S), also known as College Admissions Consultants, have had a shadow cast upon us by bad […]

My College Expertise is Earned

Parents don’t hire me because I promise to get their students into prestigious schools.  In fact, the only promise I make is to help students find the best school for his or her needs – academically, socially and financially.  And, since entering this profession in 1995, I’ve helped hundreds of kids get accepted and graduate […]

College scandal is damaging in so many ways!

This week’s events surrounding college admissions saddens me greatly. Not only because of the illegality of it, but also because of the message it sent to the multitude of highly qualified students who have applied to their schools of choice and were denied without being given a valid reason. Frankly, I have never thought that […]

Save the Date for these College Admissions Seminars

The college admissions process can be overwhelming. These information-packed seminars will point you in the right direction. High school students and parents will learn: How to help choose a college that’s a good fit for your student How to open a dialogue about career planning What all of the testing information means and how to […]

Why Any Score Can be a Good Score on a PSAT

Did you just get handed the results of your PSAT test and think “YIKES?!” The thing is, even a low score on a PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) can be good if it motivates you to focus on what you need to learn before taking the real test. Think of your results as a valuable document […]

Limited Time 10% Discount Available on Our Most Popular Programs

For the first time ever, from now through March 31, 2019, Charlotte Klaar, PhD, is offering a 10% discount on three of her most popular services!  Take advantage of this special and save up to $500! EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH 31! 1. Developing Your Strategy…and Your List! Regular price – $2,700.  Now through March 31 – […]

No 4.0 GPA? College is still possible!

Reading the newspapers or listening to other parents, you’d think that the only kids who get into college are those with a 4.0 GPA and a list of accomplishments most adults don’t yet have. This is simply not true! In my 20-plus years of working with high school students from all levels of accomplishment, I […]

Why Your Kids’ Grades Don’t Mean Nearly As Much As These 5 Things

I am always surprised when a parent brags to me about their high school student who works so hard on school work that there is no time for anything else. The next statement is usually something about the student having straight A’s which shows that “hard work pays off.” Unfortunately, that is simply not the […]

How to Decide Where to Apply

Choosing the colleges you apply to is not as easy as it may seem. Too often, students and parents simply “decide” to apply to colleges whose names they know. This often includes institutions that are not a good fit for the student, even though the choice gets a positive nod from their friends and family. […]

Why You need to Complete the FAFSA Even if You Don’t Apply for Financial Aid

The 2019 FAFSA becomes available on October 1, 2018 and should be completed as soon as possible after that date. You can find it at www.FAFSA.gov Even if you do not plan to apply for financial aid, you should file a FAFSA because there are some merit scholarships that you cannot get unless there is a FAFSA […]

College Smarts is Ideal for Budget-Minded Students

Are you a parent or student who is interested in learning more about  college admissions, but you need a cost effective alternative to personal consulting? To give all families access to my deep knowledge and years of experience, I’ve launched “College Smarts.”  This 5-module,on-line learning series will lead you through every step of the college […]

College Application Summer Training Camps

Does your student procrastinate? Are you concerned about their ability to get applications completed and essays written? Is it stressing you out and straining your relationship with your student? Did you know that application errors may result in a rejection? It’s amazing how many students DO make mistakes! Charlotte Klaar, PhD, Director of Klaar College Consulting, […]

Need admissions help? Get it at this free webinar

Need College Admissions Help? Join our FREE College Admissions webinar and get the answers you need! Wednesday, March 7 at 3 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET Help with your FAFSA form? Looking for Financial Aid? Need Help Applying for Student Loans? Getting Writer’s Block on Your Important College Essay? Dr. Charlotte Klaar, PhD, […]

Happy Holidays!

A big “Thank you” to all of my clients for putting your trust in me in 2017! My heartfelt wishes to all of you for a blessed holiday season and a fantastic 2018! Charlotte Klaar, PhD Here’s my gift to you! 1. We’re offering several free seminars to help parents and students to jumpstart their […]

FAFSA Opens October 1 – Act Now!

In this post I’m sharing some excellent information from a colleague, Jeff Levy, of Personal College Admissions, a California college consulting firm. October 1 is the first day that anyone expecting to apply for financial aid can access, complete, and submit the FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE. Here’s what you need to know about these forms and […]

Five Steps You Should Take to Prep for College!

It’s summertime, and summer college prep may be the furthest thing from your mind. But even as you enjoy your summer break, you’d be wise to use this free time to your advantage. If you’re a rising senior, be aware of the fact that September will come all too soon.  And by the time school […]

4 Tips for Winning College Letters of Recommendation!

What will your letters of recommendation say about you?  Will they make you stand out from other applicants? Here’s how you can ensure that you receive recommendations that help your college application to shine! First, who are the best people to ask to write a recommendation? Standard letters of recommendation: Guidance counselors and teachers from your junior […]

May Spring Sale!

We are offering a rare spring sale on our complete College Consulting package! Whether your student is finishing his or her freshman, sophomore or junior year, spring is a great time to get started on college planning! Call 803-487-9777 or email me at [email protected]

How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing a College

Why do students sometimes choose a college that’s a really poor fit for them? Watch this short but informative webinar to find out how and why it happens. You could save thousands of dollars and avoid a lot of heartburn! The Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing a College

Watch this Free Webinar on the Top 5 Mistakes when Choosing a College

Club Z! Tutoring, the nation’s largest in-home and online tutoring and test prep company, is hosting a FREE college prep webinar at 8 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. Pacific) on March 22, 2017. The topic is how to avoid the top 5 mistakes when choosing a college. The topic for Club Z!’s March webinar is “The […]

Senioritis…the Disease College-Bound Students Should Avoid

Already accepted to college? Beginning to lose interest and focus in school? Be careful not to catch senioritis! Senioritis can sneak up on you faster than you think! Here are some tips we give all high school students for avoiding this dread condition: Take a strong course load Don’t take a relaxing course load just […]

Your Student’s PSAT Scores are in: Now What?

Many families have received or are about to receive the PSAT results for their 11th grade student. Most high schools present the results to students in their English classes and ask that the score report and booklet be taken home to parents. Unfortunately, most families will have no idea what to do with it. Read […]

Charlotte Klaar, PhD, One of Country’s Top College Consultants, Opens for Business in Ft. Mill

Ft. Mill, SC…Charlotte Klaar, PhD, a Certified Educational Planner with more than 20 years of experience, recently moved her business, Klaar College Consulting, to the greater Ft. Mill, SC and Charlotte/ Ballantyne, NC area. “With in-state colleges costing upwards of $23,500 a year and private colleges averaging well over $46,000 a year, plus more than […]

Six Ways to Make Your Scholarship Application Shine!

  In this era where college costs are soaring and grants at state colleges are diminishing, scholarships are more important than ever! Here are six ways to make your application stand out from the competition! 1.) Say what makes you unique. Are you a great athlete or a leader on your teams? How about a […]

Will my daughter incur so much debt that she will end up living at home again?

This is the fourth in a series about “Face Down Your Top Four College Fears and Help Your Student Succeed!! The short answer to the headline is, “Maybe.” According to student loan expert Mark Kantrowitz, the average 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student debt. Meanwhile, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), estimates the […]

Can I afford to send him to the school of his dreams?

It’s critical to have an open discussion with your student about the family financial picture that includes a clear explanation of what you are willing and able to pay toward his education. Often, our kids seem to believe in the proverbial money tree in the backyard. As adults, we know this is an unrealistic view. […]

Will my daughter find a job in her field after graduation?

Note: This is the second in a 4-Part Series about “Face Down Your Top Four College Fears & Help Your Student Succeed!” This question requires a bit of a crystal ball and depends on a number of factors. A primary factor is how diligently did your student look for a job both while in college […]

Face Down Your Top Four College Fears And Help Your Student Succeed!

You want your student to get into a good college, have a fantastic college experience and find a rewarding career – all on an affordable budget! But where do you start sorting through the overwhelming steps of the college preparation and application process? After all, with 3,500 colleges nationwide, and tuition costs alone ranging from […]

Why Study Abroad?

By Gail Grand, The College Advisor, Inc. Imagine hopping on the Paris Metro for the first time, after purchasing your ticket with Euros, and zooming off to discover the latest Picasso exhibition at the Louvre; or wandering the ancient streets of Rome, and ordering a gelato from a real gelateria in Italian. Do these adventures […]

Charlotte Klaar, PhD, Receives Prestigious Award from the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)

Charlotte Klaar, a Certified Educational Planner with more than 20 years of experience, is being honored with the Steven R. Antonoff Award for Professional Achievement at the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) Spring Conference in Boston, MA on Friday, May 6, 2016. The award was created to recognize an IECA professional who has distinguished him […]

Admissions Officers May Check You Out Online

What do college admissions officers look for when scanning the Facebook profiles of applicants? According to a recent article by David Cohen in Social Times, Kaplan Test Prep surveyed nearly 400 admissions officers from across the U.S. to find out. Admission Officers Facebook. Here’s what Kaplan discovered: 40 percent of admissions officers said they visit […]

Baffled by the ‘New” PSAT/NMSQ Scores? Read on!

Here are some valuable insights on interpreting the ‘New” PSAT/NMSQ scores by Nancy Griesner at the Examiner.com. Students lucky enough to navigate the College Board website and successfully retrieve PSAT/NMSQ test scores from October are probably wondering what to make of the dizzying number of scores. As part of the redesign and repackaging of SAT-related […]

SAT Redesign Offers Opportunities & Challenges

There has been a lot of news about the new SAT, but what will the redesign mean for students in 2016? Nothing! It is the class of 2017 who will be affected by the changes and who should take note of them. There are no simple answers. The new SAT test is designed to create […]

Valuable Insights on College Entrance Exams

Standardized entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT play a major role in the college admission process. The SAT is administered by the College Board and measures skill or natural intelligence. The American College Testing Program (ACT) is administered by ACT Inc. and measures achievement in the core curriculum areas. It is based on […]

Junior Year: Make a plan that will guide you through school to college.

There are many questions to think about when planning for college, so get started now! When it comes to searching for colleges, do you have any in mind? Do you know where you want to apply? How much help do you want finding ways to pay for college? When you imagine college, what are you […]

Klaar to Host March Seminars on Planning for College Finances

Klaar College Consulting is offering several educational seminars to help students and parents to prepare for applying for college. The seminars will be led by Charlotte Klaar, Ph.D., Director of Klaar College Consulting, and Dianne Keilholtz, M.S., a Nationally Certified Counselor who recently joined Klaar College Consulting as an Independent Educational Consultant. The seminars will […]

Going the Extra Mile: Volunteering and the College Application

So you’ve got good grades, participate in extracurricular activities, and know exactly what you want to major in—but you’re still worried about getting into the college of your dreams. You need something that is going to set you apart from the other applicants and make you stand out to a college admissions board. That one […]