Writing a winning Essay

Essays have always been a key part of a college application, but now they’re more important than ever!

A well-written essay provides insight into your student’s unique personality, passions, values and goals.

That said, the essay must be the student’s own work and ideas. It’s okay to brainstorm topics with you or a college consultant, but don’t tell your child what to write about or actually write the essays for them!

Review the essay with a light touch and remember that colleges expect the writing of a 17-year-old, not a 45-year-old. It’s very easy for an admissions counselor to compare the quality of the essay with the student’s English grades or SAT scores! And, starting with the class of 2014, there will be a 500 word limit to the personal statements on the Common Application, which will limit creativity. That makes it more important than ever to find new ways to be creative: use an interesting quote, make a bold statement, start your essay with a question.

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