What Value Does a College Consultant Offer?

Why should you consider hiring a college consultant? After all, this is something you can do on your own, right?

Yes, it is, but here are some facts to consider:

  • Competition for acceptance is tougher than ever – colleges are looking for much more than good grades in a prospective student.
  • With tuition rates at all-time highs, choosing the wrong college can be even more costly if the student has a bad experience and, consequently, transfers, loses credits or worse yet, drops out!
  • State schools aren’t always the more affordable, easier-to-get-into option they once were.
  • We work with and support your high school guidance counselors. They must divide their schedules to accommodate hundreds of students, which leaves minimal time to identify and address your student’s unique strengths and needs.
  • There are more than 3,500 colleges nationwide – it’s a challenge to sift through even a fraction of them to find the best fit for your student!
  • We can help you find those schools which best fit the financial needs of your family. This includes valuable advice on applying for grants and financial aid.
  • We provide individual attention to you and your student – professionally, confidentially, and compassionately. At the same time, we realize your time is precious, so we maximize our effectiveness by using phone, fax, email, Skype and personal meetings when necessary.
  • We are student advocates.
  • We help eliminate the worry about meeting application deadlines.
  • We help you cope with the seemingly endless paperwork.
  • We help you showcase your student’s talents, abilities and uniqueness through your college application essays.
  • We visit colleges to offer you firsthand information.