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Signature Speaking Events By Charlotte Klaar

It is often difficult for schools and other organizations to get knowledgeable speakers for their students and parents. My three decades of experience working with college-bound students has uniquely prepared me to speak on a variety of topics that are of interest to you.

My keynote presentations for parents and college-bound families are about one-hour long and focus on the following topics

Career Counseling and the High School Student

This presentation explains how career and college planning work hand-in-hand. It also explores ways to make the process one of discovery and excitement rather than anxiety and dread. Students and their parents come away with an understanding that each person is unique and that a cookie-cutter approach to future planning is neither beneficial nor appropriate.

I have years of experience helping college-bound kids find the best option for their next steps after high school and I can show your parents how to navigate this ever-changing, emotional time in their lives.

Charlotte Klaar, speaking.

Navigating the College Admissions Process:

This talk walks listeners through the necessary steps to choosing the right colleges which will provide the opportunity for your student to grow academically, socially, and emotionally while learning who s/he is and how to become the person s/he wants to be.

I am a no-nonsense speaker so I am very happy to explore tough questions like: “should my kid go to a 4-year college or a community college?” “How are we going to afford college?” And, “what does my student need to do now to be ready for college in the future?”

I have presented this talk to families in Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, St. Thomas, and South Carolina.  Please ask me about these past presentations when we meet.

Changes to the College Admissions Process:

Because the college admissions process is in constant flux, this is an ever-evolving presentation that talks about the changes in admission requirements and how they affect your family.

Among the topics covered are: How to Pay for College and What is Important to Consider Beyond the College Names You Hear About Most Often

Counseling the College-Bound Athlete:

Athletic recruiting is an added dimension to the already confusing college admissions process. Student athletes must begin the process a year earlier than those who are not seeking to be recruited. In addition, there are specific requirements for NCAA athletes. I can demystify this process for your student-athletes and their families.

My speaking fees are flexible, and you are free to add to the cost and create a fundraiser for your organization. Let’s discuss how I may best help your group.

Keynote Presentations For Counselors and Other Professionals

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Incorporating Career Counseling in your College Program:

Career and College Planning must be viewed together. That is not to say that students who don’t know what they want to do can’t, or shouldn’t, go to college. It does mean that we must help the student become more self-aware to make informed choices. Since this can be a time-consuming process that cannot and should not be rushed, I am also available to work directly with your students.

Developing a School Profile:

The school profile is the first impression of your high school that those who are looking for housing, relocating to your area, or otherwise seeking information receive. If the profile is not informative, factual, and easy to understand, you are doing your district, and by extension your students, a disservice. Let me help you develop a one-page, informative document that shows your school to be the wonderful place that it is.

Writing a Meaningful Letter of Recommendation:

There is nothing worse for your students than to have lukewarm letters of recommendation. I will teach your staff how to write letters that benefit your students.

My speaking fees are flexible. Let’s discuss how I may best help your group.

College & Universities I Have Spoken At

I have taught or presented at UCLA Extension, UC Irvine, Assumption College, Queens University (on behalf of a non-profit for underserved students) and the responses were gratifying.

I have also worked with hundreds of satisfied families who found colleges that were a good fit and match for their students. Let me help your group draw interested families for one of my signature presentations.

In short, I have both the experience and education to provide your group or school with guidelines that will make this process easier for your families. I have spent almost 30 years following the vagaries of college and career planning working with students from all over the country.

Charlotte Klaar, 2024

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A Certified Educational Planner and member of IECA since 1995. I have been honored with the Steven R. Antonoff Award for Professional Achievement by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). Contact Charlotte today.