Questions about the application

Through the years, I’ve found that parents have common questions regarding college applications.

One concerns recommendation letters. There are standard teacher and counselor letters, plus supplemental recommendation letters from adults who know your student well, such as coaches, employers and religious or Scouting leaders.

Make sure that whoever writes a letter will be articulate and enthusiastic. Also, have your student briefly meet with them, and show a list of activities that highlight different aspects of their personality, leadership skills and intellectual curiosity, so that the letters provide a well-rounded picture of your student. Send official results of SAT and ACT scores to each college. Most accept either one, so it may help to send both and let them decide which to use.

Review the application booklet to find out the requirements for each school. Some require an additional essay or a graded writing sample if you’re not presenting test scores. Check whether SAT IIs are also required, how many and which ones. Finally, carefully check through each application before sending it!

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