Valuable Advice from Dr. Klaar

Choosing a college that’s a good fit for your student – academically as well as socially and financially – is critical. But, with more than three thousand five hundred colleges nationwide, how do you narrow down the choices?

First, consider your child’s interests and possible majors. Think about how far from home your student will be comfortable with living for four years. Then, look at the various types of colleges available in your selected region, and how well they suit your student’s goals and your finances.

Would your student be more comfortable on a smaller campus, where he would get to know a lot of students and faculty members, or does he prefer a large university with 25 – 30,000 students and lots of options and activities.A religious institution may be a good choice for those with a strong faith.

Remember too; there are many wonderful schools where students can get an excellent education that are not household names. I’ve personally visited and researched hundreds of schools, and have guided countless students to college success. Let me help answer your questions! Call 301-834-6888 or click the “Schedule a Consultation” button on the right to schedule your initial consultation.