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2022-2023 Successful College Acceptances Included

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With the Right Guidance, You Can Get Accepted into the Colleges of Your Choice!

College admissions doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. As a Certified Educational Planner who keeps up with constantly shifting college admissions requirements, I can help you chart your course to a rewarding college experience!

About Charlotte Klaar

While searching for colleges with my own daughters, I became acutely aware of the struggles and stress young people and their parents go through during college planning, admissions, and selection. I realized that many families needed professional, knowledgeable guidance, and that my background in corporate business management and teaching gave me the ability to offer college consulting services
Charlotte Klaar, PhD

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College Admissions Simplified

College Admissions Simplified Book

Realizing that not everyone can afford the personalized services of a college consultant, I’ve taken the knowledge gained from working with hundreds of students since 1995 and put it all into an easy-to-read guide for students and parents!

This guide includes:

Charlotte Klaar with her book College Admission Simplified

UCLA & UC Irvine Classes

Introduction to Counseling for College Admission

This course explores the college admission process from both the student and counselor perspectives, with emphasis on student research, application, selection, and counselor information dissemination and responsibility.

This course is virtual and accepting enrollments now.

The Business of Educational Consulting

This course focuses on how to create a successful practice using basic business principles and entrepreneurship skills. Topics covered include steps needed to begin the process, early decisions, formulating the business plan, business structures, fee setting, contracts, creating a marketing plan, and social media.

This course is also virtual. The next scheduled course isn’t announced yet. We will update the website when new students are being accepted.

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A Certified Educational Planner and member of IECA since 1995. I have been honored with the Steven R. Antonoff Award for Professional Achievement by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). Contact Charlotte today.